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Artist Statement


I grew up in Southern California, loved to draw my entire childhood, and ultimately studied fine art and communications in college. An early influence in my life led me to a career in advertising and design. My father was a design engineer for the space industry, and back in the day had a drafting table at home that he worked on. For some reason I found that table and his drafting tools extremely intriguing and longed to work at such a table someday. 


In college when I took an advertising class and got to actually work at a drafting table, I fell in love with graphic design. I have worked as a graphic designer for the last 35+ years, partially in California, and then for the last 30 years in Thurston County, WA. I co-owned a graphic design studio in Lacey and Tumwater and the sense of design I developed over the years definitely influences my painting today.


I started painting in acrylics during the pandemic as a creative outlet but also because I have always loved art. I have practiced a variety of styles and found that abstract painting/multi media is the most fulfilling for me. Semi-retired now from design work, I paint in my studio at home in Lacey, WA and thoroughly enjoy the local art scene and the community of amazing artists. 

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